Sometime in 2006, Adina Parumb, a Romanian sister in our church discussed needs in Romania with me and in November of the same year Thierry, Adina and I visited Romania.

We met the Pastor of Hope Church called Raul Costea who took us around and showed us various projects they were involved with. It really touched my heart to see how they collectively worked to minister to the needs of their community.

Not long afterwards, Sister Adina felt a leading by the Lord to return to Romania to work on the mission field. As a church we decided to support this work by sending a regular monthly contribution to support her and also to feed the poor.

Currently Adina and her husband, Marius are in a town called Corabia where they reach out to the community and hold weekly bible study and Sunday services.  You can find out more about the church’s work on

We are looking to take the youth in Dominion Chapel on a mission trip to Romania this August.  Please continue to pray for the mission in Romania because there is a lot of work to be done.

Pastor Segun